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The innovative water purifier

PuriBloc is the innovative water purification technology inside the GOpure Pod.

The technology has been designed to enhance the taste of drinking water maintaining freshness, promoting the right pH, mineral balance and absorbing impurities. GOpure Pod continuously attracts and absorbs impurities using advanced, completely natural, new and patented ceramic technology called PuriBloc.


A “soul” in natural ceramic

The Pod keeps the bottle clean and free of biofilm/bacterial buildup.

GOpure Pod’s advanced ceramic core (PuriBloc) is made up of diatomaceous earth (DE) and silver – a positively charged natural material that acts as a magnet to attract, bind and absorb heavy metals, inorganics, bacteria, impure chemicals substances and more. The natural ceramic “soul” also releases precious traces of minerals into the water to balance the pH at 7.4, the optimal level for the human body.


Puribloc, the purifying filter

If your bottle is not washed sufficiently, the accumulation of fine bacteria is possible. The Pod keeps your bottle clean and free from any type of accumulation. It balances the pH of the water at 7.4 – the optimal level for the human body.

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1 Pod = 2000 plastic water bottles saved to the environment

A Pod can purify, protect and store up to 1200 liters of water, which is equivalent to approximately 2.000 disposable plastic bottles. The containment shell is completely recyclable. GOpure collaborates with the 1% For The Planet organization to preserve our planet and protect it from unnecessary waste.