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After having spent over 25 years as CEO of several multinationals in this industry, Christine Knoll with her gift for problem-solving, has decided to create her own company in order to distribute the world’s most prestigious brands of household appliances and homeware in Italy: 4 You Design.


4 You Design’s mission is as simple as it is innovative: to change the way distribution is done.


We live in a world that is changing at the speed of light, so we need to be more flexible than ever and adapt to circumstances very quickly, particularly when having to deal with the momentous changes that occur day after day. In short, we need to become excellent problem-solvers, instantly focusing on the solution and not on the problem.

Reliability and expertise

With its team of professionals, 4 You Design has become the “point of reference” and has created a winning distribution network with its business partners. Not only does the company convey a brand’s background and the emotions it inspires; it also offers a wide range of exclusive services , that go “beyond” the usual business relationship.

Tailor-made services

Every business partner is special and unique. We can support their commercial development by providing marketing and communication consulting services as well as training courses designed to ensure that the desired goals are achieved.


“The individual is at the centre of everything.
Every single partner is special and unique. We support our partners every step of the way, providing them with marketing, sales and distribution consulting services, at any level.”

4 You Design team

OUR CHEFS A star-studded team!


Luca Giovanni Pappalardo is a humanist chef. His cooking style is the perfect combination of aesthetics, taste and healthy ingredients. Luca writes for Il Corriere della Sera newspaper, as well as for many cookery magazines. He is also a performer who enjoys touring the world with his cuisine and starring in excellent productions.

Luca Pappalardo


Originally from the Marche region, Michela Mandolesi is a hearty eater with a refined palate. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, always using simple, seasonal ingredients. Curious by nature, she cooks with passion and respect. She does not like to be called “Chef” but… the name “Petit Chef” fits her perfectly! Her motto is “cooking is like a stage: the ingredients are the actors and I am the director.”

Michela Mandolesi


Born in Milan in 1967, Giorgio Giambelli gained a wealth of experience working in the Milanese hotel and restaurant scene. He fulfilled every chef’s dream when he opened his own restaurant, the Taverna Visconti, in Milan, but he also owns two delicatessens there. Giorgio is familiar with Caso® Design products and tests their quality in cookery demonstrations and prestigious cooking shows.

Giorgio Giambelli