Orrefors Archivi • 4you design


Timeless Scandinavian elegance

Craftsmanship and new technologies at the service of the art of glass working: the Swedish company Orrefors has been producing splendid mouth-blown glass objects since 1898.

From the best glass masters are born glasses, vases and other unique creations that make every table and every house special.
A traditional design, proudly carried on into the contemporary world, and a very high quality are the basis of Orrefors’ success.

Design, innovation, craftsmanship

The close collaboration between renowned designers and skilled glassmakers guarantees a constantly updated collection of products: tradition and innovation come together to create glasses and vases of the highest level.


A quality choice

Orrefors stands for absolute quality. Inspired by the great Scandinavian artistic tradition, renewed in the light of contemporary style, the brand’s products are the touch of Nordic magic that makes each home unique.