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Double wall vacuum technology

Chilly’s products are made with double wall vacuum technology: this technology provides high performance and a smart and modern design, thanks also to the powder paint finish.

By reducing the use of plastic bottles, Chilly’s supports the best eco-friendly philosophy. The bottles keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. They are perfect to use at work, when travelling, at the gym and when exercising outdoors. The watertight screw top prevents leaks and condensation. Chilly’s bottles are made in 304 stainless steel: they are ultra-hardwearing and conserve the taste and freshness of every beverage.

So many lines in a variety of colours

Chilly’s bottles come in many different variations to suit different tastes. From the most striking colours to more mellow ones, from the most cheerful patterns to plain colours or chromed variants: so many different options for these eco-friendly bottles that conserve the temperature and properties of the liquids kept in them.



The Chilly’s line not only includes steel bottles but also accessories to ensure they are used at their best: a brush to clean them correctly, a snap-hook to connect them to a backpack or bag, and an ice tray to increase the freshness of the beverages.