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Wild – Message in a Bottle


The 100% recycled glass bottles have a specific message: paying attention to consumption is the first step towards the true concept of sustainability.
We are constantly looking for solutions that help build a cleaner, more sustainable and hopeful future with unique proposals with Made in Italy design.
Our Mission is to make recycled beautiful and to stop time for a cleaner planet. The designs are applied with inorganic colors in direct hot screen printing. During the manufacturing process, the colored glass powder fuses with the glass of the bottle and makes the print 100%
Eco-friendly and scratch resistant.

Let's eliminate plastic

The particular green color of our Wild Glass guarantees the fact that the mixture used is made of 100% glass coming from separate collections.
The small imperfections that make each bottle unique are a guarantee of the purity of the blend used.
A total green bottle created to eliminate plastic from our tables and which will never harm the environment.

Natural Beauty

This bottle was produced with 100% RECYCLED GLASS coming exclusively from separate collections!
In our production no bottle is discarded, because each piece is UNIQUE.
We accept imperfection and value it because in addition to their uniqueness they are also ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

Message in a Bottle

The Wild - Messagge in a Bottle carry within them a clear message: being aware of our consumption behavior is the first step towards sustainability. We contribute to the environment by promoting good practices of the circular economy and recycling, using the power of design and Made in Italy.