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Kosta boda

Tradition and research, craftsmanship and design

In the south of Sweden, Kosta Boda creations are produced. Founded in 1742, the company’s furnace is the oldest in the nation.

The masterpieces by Kosta Boda are born from an extraordinary wealth of manual experience and artistic knowledge.
A large collection of exclusive and precious mouth-blown glass products with a unique, refined and unmistakable style.

Excellence in the art of glass

Together with other famous master glassmakers, Kosta Boda literally reinvented the art of Swedish glass in the early part of the twentieth century and played a key role in bringing out the Scandinavian style known and loved all over the world.


A winning combination

Artists and artisans work together, experimenting recipes, shapes, colors and textures, traditional and avant-garde techniques: in this way, they create original and timeless elegance products.